Ira breaks Gayle's Tonya Harding portrait while playing Spanish guitar, so in retaliation she sells him on eBay. She checks her email to find that the meeting for Mothers Against Roadhead has been postponed to a time that is inconvenient to her, which causes her to black out from rage. She wakes up to find herself covered in Hollandaise sauce and running late to her screening of War Horse. She arrives at the theatre to find that the attendant refuses to let her in with her own panini, so she puts it in a balloon and swallows it in order to smuggle it inside.


Chris Fleming as Gayle Waters-Waters

Chris Balin as Ira Glass Waters-Waters

Brian Heveron-Smith as Movie Theater Attendant

Trivia Edit

  • First mention of the Mothers Against Roadhead.
  • Gayle sells Ira on Ebay for $8.99.
  • Hollandaise sauce is a mixture of egg yolk and liquid butter.