Terry's principal phones the house and accuses Gayle of insulting Terry before school each morning, which Gayle denies. Gayle then attends a coffee morning with Bonnie and Linda, whom she tells about her grocery trip to Wholefoods. She describes her policy of always making it into the house with all her groceries in one trip, but today she had to dislocate her shoulder in order to balance a jug of milk there as she was covered in oil from vandalising her neighbour Peggy's car. In doing this she successfully made it into the house in one trip. She then mopped the floor but became trapped, surrounded by wet floor, so used her mop to vault away. Linda then reveals that Bonnie has recently been fitted for Invisalign by Dr. Bruce, which infuriates Gayle.


Chris Fleming as Gayle Waters-Waters

Nancy Fleming as Bonnie

Melissa Strype as Terry Gross Waters-Waters

Bruce Burgwinkle as Doctor Bruce

Jessie Baade as Linda


  • Gayle mentions that she previously threw a milk jug through a window.
  • Gayle dislocates her shoulder and breaks her mandible in this episode.