Trivia Edit

  • Kidnapped her son, Ira, from a Costco as a child to serve as a tandem kayak partner.
  • Will never trust Bonnie, but does respect her.
  • Extreme couscous hoarder.
  • Loves Chobani.
  • Founding member of the Mothers Against Road Head. Other members are Bonnie and Linda.
  • Would "hate-scissor Katie Couric 'til the cows come home".
  • Uses dog shampoo to give her hair volume.
  • Scaredy Husbands is one of her favorite shows.
Gayle Waters-Waters
Gayle Waters-Waters
Full Name Gayle Waters-Waters
Nicknames Gayle
Personal Status
Race Human, Caucasian
Gender Female
Blood Type
Height 6'1
Hair Brown
Eye Blue
Skin Ivory
Misc Unknown
Primary Design Colors
Family & Relationships
Hometown Unknown
Family Dave Waters-Waters (Husband)

Terry Waters-Waters (Daughter) Ira Waters-Waters (Son)

Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Bonnie (off-and-on)TBA