Meet the Waters-Waters family.


We are introduced to suburban mom, Gayle, her husband, Dave, and children, Terry and Ira. She confesses she kidnapped Ira from a CostCo ten years previously. We also meet her book club, including her friends and fellow moms Bonnie and Linda. Bonnie says it has been difficult to trust Gayle since she faked her own death the previous year in order to have an edible arrangement sent to her home. Gayle confesses her attraction to local orthodontist, Dr. Bruce. Gayle invites her friends over but is concerned about her ability to cut a slice of gouda, so she tests her cheese knives in the garden, accidentally stabbing Dave in the leg. She whistles for Ira who brings her sea kayak, and the episode ends with them paddling away.


Chris Fleming as Gayle Waters-Waters

Nancy Fleming as Bonnie

Melissa Strype as Terry Gross Waters-Waters

Chris Balin as Ira Glass Waters-Waters

Jessie Baade as Linda

Bruce Burgwinkle as Dr. Bruce